Facebook has no plans to make newsfeed changes worldwide

Wednesday, 25 Oct, 2017

For example, approximately 67% of Americans now get some of their news on social media platforms, up from 62% a year ago, according to the Pew Research Center.

Brands and publishers in the six test countries reported a drop in traffic to their Facebook pages by as much as 60% to 80%, The Guardian reported.

This idea is piloted in six countries. Yes, the news from publishers will not appear in the main feed and Facebook will have another parallel feed to move all the news updates there.

In Slovakia, where the test began rolling out Thursday, a newspaper journalist told the Guardian that "the reach of several Facebook pages fell on Thursday and Friday by two-thirds compared to previous days".

Facebook has said it has no current plans to roll out the experiment.

It is facing increasing complaints that it makes billions off the back of professionally-produced journalism but shares little with news publishers. Facebook often runs such tests and not all of them ever get implemented.

Watch out, publishers: a nightmare scenario for Facebook may soon be a reality. Because the USA giant can change its terms whenever it likes in ways that can be devastating for news publishers. And while it may seem refreshing to rid the News Feed of such content, it could very well backfire.

Facebook's Explore feed is created to change that. "The goal of this test is to understand if people prefer to have separate places for personal and public content", Facebook's head of News Feed, Adam Mosseri, said in a blog post. On the other hand, as Recode's Peter Kafka points out, it's all too easy for publishers to commit to the fallacy of thinking everything Facebook does to them is about them.

Since at least 2013, Pages' organic reach on Facebook has been on the decline. Within the Explore feed you will find posts from pages you don't follow, which would be unlikely to show up in your news feed otherwise. To understand if people like these two different spaces, we will test a few things, such as how people engage with videos and other types of posts ...

Users in the test countries can view content from friends and families in the main News Feed and see posts from Pages in a separate tab called Explore.

The experiment involves moving non-promoted posts - ones from friends and family - into a separate news feed, away from posts shared by celebrities and pages the user has liked. Though the company said that it will not be charging publishers and pages extra for distribution, one may never know when Facebook decides to change its mind.