Can Apple Ship the iPhone X in Time For the Holidays?

Thursday, 26 Oct, 2017

Earlier today, Bloomberg published an eye-opening report which claimed Apple had compromised Face ID accuracy, in order to speed up iPhone X production.

However, "I think there's significant demand for the iPhone X, and many users will be willing to get in line and take delivery when it becomes available", Schneemann said.

We have reached out to Apple for a comment and will reply to this article if/when they reply. There has been a nonstop string of reports regarding production challenges, complemented by dire estimates on the supply side of the equation. Well beyond the standardized facial recognition tech found in other smartphones, the iPhone X has a sophisticated array of sensors and cameras that are set to provide both convenience and security, the latter of which being a big deal for the company, as devices from other brands like Samsung can be easily fooled by masks, photos, and other low-tech means. That could lead to better-than-seasonal sales in the first half of next year. A redesigned rear camera with dual optical image stabilization includes a new color filter, deeper pixels, an improved Apple-designed image signal processor and features Portrait mode with Portrait Lighting allowing customers to capture stunning photos and videos.

"The industry has removed as much friction as possible, and all carriers offer installment plans that spread out the cost (and the iPhone X's premium)".

A SURVEY indicates that Apple users are not over-excited about the new model, while analysts are reporting a shortage of stock for the holiday season. At one point, only about 20 percent of the dot projectors the two companies produced were usable. According to iMore, "Face ID uses multiple neural networks that are built into the dual-core A11 bionic neural engine to process the facial recognition data". Until the iPhone X, the most significant deployment of the technology was in Microsoft Corp.'s Kinect controller, which the Xbox console used to detect a gamer's movements.

Several other reports have suggested that Apple's iPhone X is proving hard to manufacture.

In an email statement to TechRadar, Apple flatly denied the truth of the report, or, at least the article's specific claim that Face ID may no longer have the "one-in-a-million" chance of failure Apple touted in its reveal presentation last month. The dot projector is the main reason for the production problems. As we've heard before, that's down to a series of issues rather than just one. "I'm happy with my iPhone 8 - which is the same as the iPhone 7, which is the same as the iPhone 6, to me", Wozniak said, speaking from the sidelines of the Money 20/20 conference.