Nintendo to release Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on phones in November

Friday, 27 Oct, 2017

Games like Pokemon Go, Super Mario Run, and Fire Emblem Heroes have been announced and released, but Nintendo has remained mum on Animal Crossing.

Just like its name suggests, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a game where players will build, and manage, a campsite. As opposed to original console release of the game, the mobile version puts the player in charge of a campsite instead of becoming mayor of a town.

BHFF (Best Human Friends Forever): Not all of your friends in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will have fur or feathers.

Expanding Camp Life: In addition to all the fun things you can do in the game, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will eventually offer seasonal events to keep the experience fresh and surprising, as well as limited-time furniture and outfit options through game updates. You can earn them by playing the game normally or bolster your stores by spending real-world money.

So, ;what do you do in "Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp"?

If you aren't familiar with Animal Crossing, perhaps you, like me, couldn't be bothered with anything that didn't involve watching Lizzie McGuire, pretending to be Lizzie McGuire, or just thinking about Lizzie McGuire for most of the early '00s. If you add someone to your friends list in the game you can return to visit them any time, no player ID required again. However, by cheating the system a little bit, fans outside of Australia can get their hands on the game too by following these instructions. InPocket Camp, you're the manager of a campsite that, when you first arrive, is sparsely appointed and bereft of visitors.

Does Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp have microtransactions? Then you use the touch screen to place them.

There's also multiplayer elements, The Verge says, which allow gamers to "meet up with other players from your friends list and trade items".

It's not Animal Crossing for Switch, which people won't stop asking for until it finally happens, but Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp absolutely looks like something that will devour my attention on my commute to and from work.

Android and iOS phones, so anyone running a Windows phone (or other platform) won't have access.

Visit nearby recreation areas to go fishing, gather fruit, and collect bugs.

If you don't load directly to the app, you can find it in the Games section. From the outset you have the choice of collecting bells, the usual currency in the series, to purchase or craft new items as they become available. You can sign up to be notified when the game goes live in the USA and in the UK.