Robot given Saudi citizenship 'has more rights than women'

Saturday, 28 Oct, 2017

A robot with an extremely concerning sense of humor has just become a citizen of Saudi Arabia, Arab News reports, making her (it?) the first robot citizen in the world.

Sophia responded without missing a beat, saying, "I want to thank very much the kingdom of Saudi Arabia".

Many Journalist noted that this is amusing for a country to grant a robot citizenship, where immigrants are working from years and still not provided with same rights they have bestowed to a female robot Sophia.

In Saudi Arabia, every woman is expected to have a man with her in public, who is given authority to act on her behalf. Was the whole thing a depressingly empty, unironic attempt at publicity for Sophia's human captors? Sorkin noticed she looked happy and asked about her emotions. Sophia not only addressed the crowd without wearing a head covering, but also appeared without a male guardian.

This small change, especially coupled with other victories like the 2018 end of the driving ban, could have a huge impact on women's quality of life in Saudi Arabia.

People took to Twitter to express their thoughts on the decision.

Another aspect people seem to have picked up on is the fact that Sophia is a foreigner, and hasn't converted to Islam.

Specifically, users note Sophia is not fully covered, as all female citizens in the country are required to do by law. "Did Sophia convert to Islam?" First Saudi citizenship, next turning the human race to ash and dust.

And it's true too! The robot, named Sophia, now has more rights than real women living in the country.

For Saudi Arabia, diversifying the economy by pouring some of that oil money into tech makes sense, but it remains to be seen if the country plans to adopt more robots as citizens or if Neom will actually get built. The humanoid robot has also escaped the fate of thousands of foreign workers in the country. He's even said previously that she is created to look like Audrey Hepburn, which is not at all creepy or weird, and so the fact that she has now been placed in this truly freakish situation is worth taking note of.