President Trump invited reporters' kids in costume into the Oval Office

Sunday, 29 Oct, 2017

White House reporters and their children were invited into the Oval Office to meet with the U.S. president ahead of the White House's Halloween party on Monday. Totally made up nonsense to steal the election.

"Obviously, sexual harassment has been in the news", Jacqueline Alemany of CBS News asked Sanders. "How the media did this, I don't know".

President Donald Trump is calling for Americans to liberate their communities from the scourge of drug addiction as he declares opioid abuse a national public health emergency. Some included Hollywood producer and film executive Harvey Weinstein, director James Toback, and political journalist Mark Halperin.

Last weekend, it was revealed that O'Reilly paid an astonishing $32 million to settle a sexual harassment suit with a network analyst at Fox. And people wonder why women don't report their assaults.

Trump next went on to place his attention on a little 6-year-old girl dressed as batgirl, as she appeared to lean down and rub her eyes.

"Wow, that's a scary outfit", he said.

If the president believes current or former military leaders should not be questioned by the citizens they represent, Ms. Sanders should say so.

"So, how does the press treat you?" he said, to laughs from the adults in the room.

She said, Trump's attitude seemed to be, "I can do this because I can". "At least 16 women accused the president of sexually harassing them throughout the course of the campaign".

He also jokingly asked how the press treats them. You can do anything... "Grab 'em by the pussy".