Boy leads mom, police on high-speed chase in his 2nd joyride

Monday, 30 Oct, 2017

Dash cam video from the Ohio State Highway Patrol shows troopers chasing a silver auto driven by the rogue 10-year-old. The mother, frantically screamed obscenities to the 911 operator as she got in her own vehicle and drove behind her son off of West 117th Street and later, Interstate 90, in Milan.

The boy reportedly stole the keys to his mother's boyfriend's auto while waiting for his sister to drive him to school.

"My 10-year-old stole his dad's auto, and he's running from me", the mom told a dispatcher as she pursued the boy in her own vehicle. On Oct. 16, the boy's mother said her Dodge Charger was stolen from her driveway. At one point during the call, the mother told the dispatcher she was anxious her son would get into an accident. The boy responded by shaking his head and stepping on the gas, Reeder said.

When it was all over, the chase had stretched 50 miles from where it began in Cleveland. No injuries were reported.

Shocking dashcam footage recorded in a police auto showed how the police brought the chase to an abrupt end, by ramming the back of the vehicle while it was driving in a ditch. He stopped then when the vehicle got three flat tires, telling officers he took the auto because he was bored. "Traffic is stopped behind us".

Troopers eventually caught up to the vehicle and reached in through the window to stop the driver.

The boy's auto was then quickly surrounded by troopers demanding that he immediately roll down his window, as other troopers suggested that they break it to forcibly remove the boy.

And cops say no one was injured, thanks to their actions - and the boy's shockingly good driving skills.

The boy has now been taken into custody by child services, according to ABC6.

On Thursday he was taken to a local hospital for evaluation.

Cleveland police say this is the "second incident" involving the same child.

According to, the boy stole a auto belonging to her mother's boyfriend at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday when he was supposed to be waiting for his sister to take him to school.