Make Sure This Halloween Is Filled With Treats, Not So Many Tricks

Tuesday, 31 Oct, 2017

There are many downtown businesses in Seward participating in this year's "Downtown Trick-or-Treating".

The event, which is the biggest on the Parks and Recreation calendar, will feature safe trick-or-treating for children ages 2 to 12 with full costume. It can be as simple as placing reflective tape on the trick-or-treating bags or containers.

When approaching a crosswalk or intersection, even if you, as a pedestrian, have the right of way, check to ensure a driver has stopped and also make eye contact with the driver so they know you are there.

Halloween is an exciting day for children to be able to dress up as their favorite characters, get free candy and stay up past bedtime, but it can often be a stressful time for parents. Remind children not to eat all their candy at once or it can make them sick. "Be especially cautious in residential areas where children might be walking", said Taylor. With all the excitement and all that candy, eager kids are prone to dashing out into roadways.

The kids will get a chance to add to their stash this evening.

Kool Smiles in Salisbury is actually asking for people to donate candy this week through November 4th for something called Operation Troop Treats.

While they are allowed to decorate their house, they should not have their porch lights on, wear masks or hand out candy.

With Halloween coming up, the members of the Office for Student Engagement are having a busy time setting up the "Fall Carnival" and "Trick or Treat with the Greeks". If you become aware of a sex offender who is attending costume parties or giving out candy where children are present, notify your local law enforcement immediately. Parents can find accurate information regarding the presence of sex offenders and predators in their neighborhoods by visiting the Louisiana Sex Offender and Child Predator Registry website.