Twitter employee shuts down Donald Trump's account on last day of work

Saturday, 04 Nov, 2017

Many said that the tweet violated Twitter's policies against violent threats and targeted abuse.

A conspiracy theory or two even bloomed.

Trump has other accounts he can tweet from besides his personal account, which has 41 million followers.

The outage brought quite a few responses on, what else, Twitter. The page mostly contains retweets of Trump's posts from @realDonaldTrump. The employee, whose identity has not been revealed, deactivated his account for a full 11 minutes, that's about an hour in social media time.

Now I guess we just have to wait for Trump's's bound to be a good one. Then the page was reactivated 11 minutes later, dashing hopes that it was a permanent decision on Twitter's part.

Some have questioned whether his threatening tweets to North Korea were at odds with Twitter's terms and conditions.

The White House later denied this was a declaration of war, but such tweets have been seen by some risky in the context of North Korea's increasing nuclear capabilities. With Trump, who knows? It said that it considers a "number of factors" and that one of them is "newsworthiness" - suggesting the tweet will stay up because it is in the "public interest".

Trump often uses Twitter to comment on political and military matters.

Trump's account was temporarily kicked offline by a Twitter employee. The answer, it would seem, is "very". Many have wondered why some of his tweets aren't being deleted by the social media platform, despite their apparent violation of its rules. The idea of this sort of internal sabotage never came up. Twitter didn't launch into an explanation about how such an accident could take place, but did say that it is working on ensuring that such future mistakes don't happen again.