Change fire alarm batteries, too

Sunday, 05 Nov, 2017

"Working smoke alarms save lives", said St. Louis Fire Department captain Leon Whitener.

You should also not take a battery out of a smoke detector to use elsewhere.

Don't forget to adjust your clocks to "fall back" one hour by adjusting the time backward. "In fact, working smoke alarms increase your chance of survival by 50 percent".

Replace smoke alarms after 10 years from the manufacturer's date.

Replacing her smoke detectors had been on her to-do list for a while.

Captain Graybill said you should always have smoke alarms throughout the home, especially in basements and on floors where people are sleeping.

The foundation recommends installing one smoke detector on each level of the home, as well as one in each sleeping unit.

Look for "ionization" or "photoelectric" or "photo-ion" on the back label of each alarm.

"We recommend that annually you have a licensed and certified HVAC technician check your heating system to make sure everything is in proper working order", he said. For best protection, smoke alarms should be installed inside and outside bedrooms. Remember that a "chirping" alarm is a signal it needs a fresh battery. The batteries in these alarms never need changing.

"If you're changing your clock go ahead and change the battery in your smoke detector", says Deputy Chief Matt Jordan.

For more information on smoke alarms in MA contact your local fire prevention office or go to: and type Smoke Alarms in the search box.