Government contractor fired for flipping bird at Donald Trump's motorcade

Tuesday, 07 Nov, 2017

The photograph was taken as Trump's procession was passing her bike on the way out of a golf club.

"I'd do it again", Briskman told The Washington Post.

"My blood just started to boil", she said. Despite no identifying features being visible in the photograph, Briskman thought it would be best to give her company a heads-up. "He pulled promotions for open enlistment in ObamaCare", Briskman said. She was thinking about the devastation in Puerto Rico, about the carnage of last month's mass-shooting in Las Vegas, and about deportations.

"I'm considering, DACA beneficiaries are getting kicked out".

The company said the press from the photo would have hurt their business, especially since they do business with the government as a government contractor. The company allegedly told Briskman that she violated their social media policies by making it her profile picture on various social media sites. She said that they then fired her, escorting her from the building with a box of her possessions.

"I flipped off the motorcade a number of times", she said. A photo that quickly went viral shows her raising the middle finger of her left hand in defiance.

The mother-of-two tried to argue that the incident didn't take place in work time and her Facebook and Twitter pages didn't mention her place of work.

Akima, a holding company of multiple construction, technology and operations firms, does work with the United States government.

"They said, 'We're separating from you, '" the marketing executive told the Huffington Post.

Briskman said that she was particularly mad because a male employee had been able to keep his job despite having Akima as his cover photo on Facebook and calling someone "a f***ing Libtard a**hole" on Facebook. The anonymous bicyclist became an internet hero in anti-Trump circles, but those 15 minutes of fame have now cost the woman her job.

According to her interview with the Huffington Post, "Sheplans to look for a new job with an advocacy group that she believes in, like Planned Parenthood or PETA". Without more information about the discussions with Briskman - did they ask her to remove the image and she refused, or did they just fire her outright? - it's impossible to reach a conclusion over whether she has a case against Akima. "I'm angry about where our country is right now, I am appalled. I am apalled. This was an opportunity for me to say something".