ACLU defends article linking Taylor Swift to white supremacists

Wednesday, 08 Nov, 2017

While it might be a little obvious why the Grammy victor would be unhappy that such a piece exists, the letter her lawyer sent to Herning to address the issue had no legal backing, according to the ACLU.

Several weeks before the release of Swift's newest album "Reputation", her attorney sent a letter to a small Berkeley pop culture blog, threatening legal action, unless the blog retracted and removed a post in which the executive editor analyzed the singer's apparent appeal to white supremacists. Swift, but not any other celebrity or musician, to loudly denounce white supremacy and you do not accept her previous condemnations as good enough.

As a result, Herning has now received a letter from one of Swift's attorney's, deeming the article to be "provably false and defamatory" and demanding an apology and retraction immediately under threat of a defamation suit. The blog post argues that lyrics in Swift's recent single "Look What You Made Me Do" seem "to play to the. subtle, quiet white support of a racial hierarchy".

Taylor Swift is being embraced by the Alt-Right, but the singer is revolted by the neo-Nazi frat boys, who apparently see her as as some kind of Aryan ideal.

In its response, the ACLU of Northern California writes that "Ms. Herning and PopFront will not in any way accede" to the demands. The references to Swift's work continued later in the letter with, "Criticism is never pleasant, but a celebrity has to shake it off, even if the critique may damage her reputation".

In a PopFront post on Monday, both Broadly, a Vice vertical "devoted to representing the multiplicity of women's experiences", and Complex Media were cited as publishing similar articles addressing the alt-right's appropriation of Swift. "Swift's music, lyrics, and videos", they wrote in a letter to the Grammy award victor and her representatives. Swift, the intent to cause harm to Ms.

"It is an established fact that Taylor Swift is secretly a Nazi and is simply waiting for the time when Donald Trump makes it safe for her to come out", The Daily Stormer, the neo-Nazi site that mocked a woman killed during protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, said past year.

It should be noted that PopFront is not the only outlet to have written about Swift in connection with the alt-right and white supremacists. "Swift of white supremacy and the alt-right", the letter states.

"In short, your claims that the blog post has defamed Ms Swift are completely unsupported". The ACLU fired back on November 6, calling the race-baiting blog post "protected" speech.

"The press should not be bullied by high-paid lawyers or frightened into submission by legal jargon", she wrote.

"Intimidation tactics like these are unacceptable", ACLU lawyer Matt Cagle wrote in a November 6 press release. In the past, I've been the kind of Taylor Swift fan who has supported her right to privacy.

The ACLU issued its own deadline, telling Swift that her legal team has until November 13 to decide if they're planning to move forward with litigation or not.