Netflix Subscribers Being Targeted By 'Well-Designed' Email Scam

Wednesday, 08 Nov, 2017

The email aggressively targeted Netflix growing 110 million subscriber base, and as can be seen below, it's easy to see how an average user might be tricked believing the message truly originated from Netflix.

An email scam has been specifically targeting Netflix's millions of subscribers, threatening to suspend their accounts if they don't update their billing information.

The email contains a link that takes subscribers to a fake Netflix website where they are asked to log in and enter information including credit card numbers.

If you're a Netflix subscriber and you got an email saying that your account was about to be suspended, don't open it, and definitely don't give away any personal details.

Netflix users are being warned against a fake email making its rounds to steal the personal and credit card information of users. The next page asks for your full name, address, payment details and date of birth, according to DailyMail. More importantly, it contains a link, in which, when clicked, takes the anxious subscribers to a fake Netflix webpage that requires them to input their log-in details, as well as their credit card number.

Mailguard, a company that protects businesses against scammers and phishers took a screenshot of the email scam.

The scam is pretty convincing, with the Netflix logo displayed across the top of the email and the subject line reading "Your suspension notification".

MailGuard reminds users to hover your mouse over links to check the domain, and don't click on unfamiliar domains.

Netflix confirmed that the emails are fake and don't come from the company.