Apple's next iPad will steal the iPhone X's best features

Friday, 10 Nov, 2017

Only, it's unlikely an OLED panel will grace the device. This also means that iPhone X Plus (if at all Apple is working on it) and the second model of iPhone will boast some changes as far as the design of the device is concerned compared to 2017's iPhones. In fact, one model of the iPad will come with a screen size which would be close to 10.5-inch iPad Pro. Slimmer bezels are also on the cards, especially since the home button may be gone. If this is the case, this will be the first time that Apple has revamped the hardware within the Pencil since it launched with the first iPad Pro. Year-to-date, AAPL has gained 54.06%, versus a 17.57% rise in the benchmark S&P 500 index during the same period.

Face ID, the iPhone X's main new feature coming to the next iPad, lets users unlock the device with their face and a glance of their eyes instead of a password or fingerprint. Refocusing Apple regularly presents the iPad as the future of personal computing, claiming its portable form factor, accessibility and security make it a better choice than regular computers.

Apple's renewed enthusiasm for the iPad will see it bring a number of the iPhone X's headline features to the tablet range next year, according to reports. In the fiscal fourth quarter, iPad revenue jumped by 14% to #4.8 billion. Some users may think that this is an out-of-date feature which should disappear since the iPhone 7 from previous year implemented a non-moving button. Additionally, the new iPad will come with an upgraded processor, GPU, and Apple Pencil Stylus, which will come with a new set of software-enabled features. More likely is early 2018 alongside the annual iPad refresh which we hope will have Face ID.

OLED screens can more accurately reproduce colours, but they are more hard to produce in mass quantities than standard liquid-crystal displays.