OnePlus 5T won't have wireless charging, sales will starts from Nov

Friday, 10 Nov, 2017

It'll be interesting if the OnePlus 5T will cost the same as the OnePlus 5 though - we imagine the 5 will receive a price cut if that's the case.

OnePlus 5T will be announced on November 16 at an event in NY. Previously, the company agreed to present wireless charging feature in its latest smartphone but they regretted the decision and made dash charge at the loftier position.

The company has also revealed the availability of the upcoming smartphone. Wirelessly charging more than one device at a time further divides that number, leading to even slower charging per device.

The iPhone X has several new features that have amazed users across the globe, including the incorporation of an OLED display screen, and new facial recognition software.

The response to this novel customer engagement concept by OnePlus in India is a testament to OnePlus' strong fan community that it has built over three years. This doesn't mean that the company is not going to try the wireless charging forever. With the coming of the OnePlus 5T, The Lab is opening its doors once again. The phone was a well-round device that offered everything important, while keeping the price reasonable. Dash charging just needs an adapter and a cable whereas wireless charging includes messy things such as tables, lamps, cables, and the list is long. "But given the current state of this technology, Dash Charge is still the superior choice", writes Lau in a blog post. On the other side, the wireless charging produces 15W of power.

Such type of charging makes your phone more complicated to use. And you can't use your phone while it charges, since picking it up will stop the charging.

There's also the requirement of having to align the phone on a pad. The point of charging should be to have the phone spend as little time as possible connected to the charger.

In an update, Lau said that he was referring to The Wireless Power Consortium's Qi standard. However, I believe that Pete Lau has got this right; the technology simply isn't as useful without fast charging.

Though the photo hasn't been confirmed as official, it looks so much like we expect the OnePlus 5T too, it's hard to dismiss the photo as fake.