New Star Wars series to lure customers from Netflix and Amazon

Saturday, 11 Nov, 2017

But Disney said it isn't trying to be the "Netflix killer" the media has made it out to be. Higher levels of content filtering will be available through the service.

"We also believe that our brands and our franchises really matter, as we've seen through Netflix and all our other platforms". For reference, the cost of a Netflix subscription now ranges from $8 to $14 a month. That pales in comparison to Netflix's library, but depending on how much lower Disney prices its service, it could well put considerable pricing pressure on NFLX to offer more value to users. Instead, you'll need to subscribe to the upcoming ESPN standalone service, which will feature content from MLB, NHL, MLS, collegiate events, and tennis Grand Slams, and more.

"Our goal here is be a viable player in the direct-to-consumer space, space that we all know is a very, very compelling space to be in", he added. Rian Johnson, the writer-director of this December's "The Last Jedi", is developing "a brand new Star Wars trilogy" for Disney, the CEO said.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Disney Chief Strategy Officer Kevin Mayer confirmed the news, while also insisting that their plans were "pro-Disney" rather than "anti-Netflix".

Fourth-quarter profit at Disney's cable TV unit, the company's single biggest profit contributor, slumped 1.2 per cent to $1.24 billion, hurt by weak advertising sales and higher programming costs for baseball and football at ESPN. But "affiliate revenue" from cable and satellite-TV operators increased. Some of this was offset by higher ABC network advertising rates. Sales of programs to other outlets also fell in the latest quarter. Yes, another streaming service. This issue alone is complex when it just involves Disney-owned properties.

Revenue of $12.78 billion was down 3% and missed expectations of $13.3 billion. It should be noted that these films are coming from the studios and not Disney Channel.

Disney is convinced that we're all going to make the migration though - so convinced that they are apparently spending over $300 million a year on this endeavour. The next two fiscal years look good for the film slate as well, she notes, with a pair of Star Wars canon films yet ahead, and another trilogy on the way along with stand-alone films like Solo. Not only will it include 4 to 5 original movies a year but there will also be a Star Wars live action series.