Respawn Entertainment to be purchased by EA

Saturday, 11 Nov, 2017

Earlier today, it was revealed that EA picked up Respawn Entertainment - developer of the Titanfall series, formed by ex-Call of Duty creators - for over $400 million Dollars. In a press release, EA said they are buying Respawn Entertainment. Electronic Arts has exclusive license to publish games that involves the Star Wars universe, which only means the acquisition ensures that Respawn's work on an upcoming Star Wars game will continue its natural course. "With Titanfall and Star Wars, EA has been a great development partner that supports us and doesn't interfere with our process for making games or studio culture".

Last year, Titanfall 2 launched to middling success.

Respawn Entertainment, the independent game developers studio, made a splash in the gaming world in 2014, having developed 2014's Titanfall and 2016's Titanfall 2, and 2017's Titanfall: Assault, which have nabbed over 100 awards.

EA purchased Respawn Entertainment, which is the studio behind games like Titanfall. Respawn CEO Vince Zampella confirmed this news today to VentureBeat.

Respawn, which produced Titanfall and Titanfall 2 with EA as publisher, will continue to develop projects now in production. Its a bit unusual that EA has already moved forward to purchase Respawn, the studio co-founded by former Infinity Ward heads as well as their Call of Duty brethren. According to the details revealed by a source close to Kotaku, Electronic Arts outbid Nexon - the South Korean Video Game Publisher (and also the current publisher of Titanfall mobile game).

Electronic Arts will pay $151 million in cash up front, $164 million in long-term in stock to employees over four years, and additional bonuses for up to $140 million depending on the achievement of undisclosed performance milestones by the end of the calendar year 2022. And, it seems as if most major EA subsidiaries are going to be responsible for something Star Wars-related.

According to Kotaku's Jason Schreier, the website knew about EA buying Respawn last week but chose to hold off on reporting until they were "100% sure". The duo formed the game development studio Respawn Entertainment not long after.

Vince answers some of the more pressing questions people will have such as whether this will have any effect on Titanfall, why they chose to go with EA and more.