Eminem, Beyoncé release new single "Walk on Water"

Sunday, 12 Nov, 2017

It's been four long years since Eminem last released an album so everyone hip hop fans attention is laser focused on him.

What do you think about the rapper's collab song with Beyonce?

Beyoncé opens up the downbeat song singing, "I walk on water, but I ain't no Jesus". "Walk on Water" is a soaring, emotionally resonant step in the return to the spotlight of one of rap's boldest voices. "I'm only human, just like you". Take a listen below to the sweet soulful sounds of Beyonce's chorus and the unparalleled mic skills of Eminem.

The Detroit native rapper waxes poetic about the pressures of his high-profile career and maintaining a successful career. Is it the bar I set?

"Why are expectations so high/Is it the bar I set/The arms I stretch/But I can't reach/A far cry from it", he says. "There was a time I had the world by the balls / Eatin' out my palm", he raps.

"Walk on water is just attractive", tweeted one fan.

"The rhyme has to be ideal, the delivery flawless / It always feels like I'm hitting the mark 'til I go sit in the auto and pick it apart".

A number of people have also commented on the timing of the release, coming on the same day that Taylor Swift's new album Reputation hit streaming services.

"Eminem first hinted about the forthcoming album on November 8, when he shared a "revival" prescription pad that said, "'Walk on Water.' Take as need".