Google Files Go launches on Android as lightweight toolkit

Sunday, 12 Nov, 2017

Given the popularity of this neat app, Google has expanded the availability of the beta on the Play Store. Files To Go recommends you to remove the rarely-used apps from your phone to improve its speed. This is partially how it managed to bypass the vetting process since this isn't a dummy app. Since the app has complete functionality, target user is also less likely to be suspicious of its activities.

For us, the Storage tab presented a card to free up 1.05GB of app cache, free up 274MB of large image files, free up 36B of downloaded files, and free up 25.53MB of duplicate files. We havent tested this feature yet, so do let us know if it works. The only other drawback is that Google limits the storage space inside Files Go to just 6MB, at least for now.

Afterwards, it opens a page that shows nearby devices, with recipients needing to open the app on their devices and tap receive to begin the connection process.

Files Go is a mix between a file manager app and a file sharing app, allowing you to manage all that's on your phone, but also send files easily to others who have the app installed.

Files Go is part file manager, part transfer utility, and part cleanup utility.

Once you've given Files Go the required access permission, you will be guided through a few additional steps.

So Files Go is essentially an amalgamation of three services: system cleanup, file-management, and file transfers. Files Go will look for the sender and accept what they're trying to send.

This is an important feature since using this capability, the attackers can get access to text messages if two factor authentication is enabled by a user. It is free of cost, contains no ads or in-app purchases.

Do you need Google Files Go? . The top of the "Storage" feed prominently lists how much space is on your device.

Android user's with their device running Android 5.0 or above can download the app from the Play Store now.