Justice League's Rotten Tomatoes Score Officially Revealed

Saturday, 18 Nov, 2017

This is also the third time Rotten Tomatoes has delayed a score to debut it on See It/Skip It.

Added to DC's post-release review woes, Rotten Tomatoes announced yesterday that it is delaying scores of the movie until tomorrow - a full 24 hours following the lifting of the review embargo at midnight last night.

Of course, regardless of the score, there are plenty of fans who would be down to see the film, no matter what.

The lack of score and reviews appearing on Rotten Tomatoes' website has drawn even more criticism about the site withholding those numbers to help Warner Bros. amid growing rumbling from Hollywood over the summer that Rotten Tomatoes is harming movies.

The movie has had a moderately tepid response from critics, with many saying it's a huge step up from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice but a huge disappointment following the smash hit that was Wonder Woman. Man of Steel, the 2013 Superman film that kicked off the shared universe, earned a middling 55 percent.

Justice League opened tonight with advanced screenings, and I caught one earlier tonight and loved the movie! The score was accidentally leaked online on social media site Flexist and Justice League's score stands at a disappointing 48 percent. As compared to that, Justice League is a huge disappointment.

"The goal of Rotten Tomatoes, as per its own About Us page, is that it "offers the most comprehensive guide to what's fresh".

As promised, the official review score was revealed on See It/Skip It toward the end of the episode. That's been especially true since February 2016, when Rotten Tomatoes was acquired by Fandango, the website that sells advance movie tickets for many large theater chains.

Curiously, that 43 has not yet made its way on Justice League's page on the Rotten Tomatoes site itself just yet, so you will just have to throw your own rotten tomato against a hard surface to get the satisfying splat you crave. This score is the result of an aggregate of reviews. Aside from their personal views, the hosts are also tasked to reveal the Tomatometer score for any upcoming big and small screen offerings and this week, it was the DC epic under the spotlight.

Polygon: There are good, cute and amusing moments that the editing team should be applauded for, but there aren't enough to distract from the attractive, chaotic mess that Justice League ends up being. The site's percentage plays crucial for any movie.