Dozens of local families get bigger during National Adoption Day

Sunday, 19 Nov, 2017

This was the highest number of adoptions in a single fiscal year since 1998.

Still, Laura said she had been interested in adoption, and earlier this year, it felt like the right time for them to bring a new child into their family. "These kids aren't just getting a mom and a dad, they get a whole family to celebrate with".

For Karen Tipton, DFPS Region 1 adoption program specialist, this is her favorite day of the year as she gets to meet all of the families while helping them celebrate the monumental moment in their lives.

"Back then, I lost a lot of connection to my family". Cullman County now has 51 children waiting. According to Our Kids, an average of 100 of those children are eligible for adoption.

Janine Moore is Area Director of Hennepin County Child and Family Services. Of the other roughly 75 percent, many will eventually return home, or at least to members of their families.

Smith talked to The Tribune about what leads children into foster care. We don't want to create more loss for the children. Event organizers say spectators who attend have been so inspired by watching children become part of a forever family that many have become foster parents themselves. "We are always in need of permanent homes for some of our children in foster care and we're always in need of foster parents". "I have a very near and dear place on my heart for children".

In another courtroom, two brothers - Andrew and Alex- are hugging and saying "I love you".

"Everybody deserves to know that somebody loves them".

Chaney shared, "We're fortunate to live in such a tremendous community that values children".

Whatever time of year a family commits to a child by adoption, they are continuing the process of healing from the kind of life experiences no child should ever endure. You can't put a price on that.

Each of the families made a promise Friday to care for their adopted child as if the boy or girl was their own flesh and blood, until they are 18 and beyond.

"I got the call one day they had a baby that had no known parents, no known name", Lindsey said, noting that she and her husband were already established foster parents.

To the adopting families, Smith said, "Thank you for taking a chance".

"Daniel always said we can't have more kids than will fit in a minivan but there's a new minivan out that has nine seats".