The 'F**k Trump' Car Has a New Decal for Sheriff Troy Nehls

Tuesday, 21 Nov, 2017

Sheriff Nehls originally threatened to charge Fonesca with "disorderly conduct" after seeing the decal on her auto, and encouraging followers to identity her on his personal Facebook page. In the middle of the image is an obscene hand gesture. I received the photo of the truck with the sticker, but the photo failed to display the license plate number of the truck. "When you're in politics, people know how to work the system".

But he later backed away from the idea after the district attorney warned the case would not meet the standard required to prosecute, and the American Civil Liberties Union stepped in to say the sign was constitutionally protected.

His threat raised alarm among free speech advocates - and caused the Republican sheriff to retreat: The Facebook post was gone by Thursday, and the sheriff said he was done talking about the matter after receiving hateful messages.

Just a day after the post was made Thursday, Nehls deleted the post.

Fonseca originally made headlines after Nehls threatened to arrest her for the anti-Trump sticker on her pickup.

For now, both stickers remain on her truck.

"We wanted our statement out there".

The sheriff's office said Monday that Nehls will review the press conference and release a statement later in the day. "I think it's ludicrous the sheriff needed to go to Facebook to locate her", Karen Fonseca's attorney Brian Middleton said. But it's easier to see that Fonseca should have considered her outstanding warrant and that displaying the sticker brought undue attention. But she said that having children doesn't make you lose your freedom of speech. "And to me, it's been coming back as a positive for going ahead standing up and not backing down", said Fonseca. It turned out the owner, Karen Fonseca, had an outstanding felony warrant for fraud.

After being released on bond, Fonseca decided to make a change to the decal, according to KPRC.

She said she didn't know she had a warrant, and she questions the timing of the arrest. "People abuse the badge, in my opinion, and money talks", she said.

"The Sheriff made the post on his Personal page". Great. Resign, and spend your days trying to amend the Constitution.

Nehls' office later received a tip on the identity of the truck's owner. The residents informed me they were offended at the language displayed on the truck, and I asked for a photo.

"Constitutional Law 101: You can't ban speech just because it has "f@ck" in it", the group wrote.

"We need to ensure individuals' First Amendment appropriate to free discourse", Reynolds said in his composed articulation.

In 1942, the US Supreme Court ruled in Chaplinsky v. "This is protected speech".