Snoop Dogg Sounds Off on Donald Trump

Wednesday, 22 Nov, 2017

Not only does Snoop call out Trump multiple times with many curse words, but also backs up Ball and Lynch.

Ball has refused to thank the president, who says he helped son LiAngelo and two other UCLA basketball players get back into the United States after being detained in China on suspicion of shoplifting. This is no accident: the two series share a production company, Bunim/Murray Productions, and are a fun and frivolous look at two uniquely American families.

Controversy arose after Ball said he didn't need to thank Trump for assisting in helping his son return home.

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BALL: OK. If he paid for the money to put up whatever we needed to do then I will say thank you. Donald Trump's game is LaVar Ball's game. Like I told him, 'They try to make a big deal out of nothing sometimes.' I'm from L.A. I don't know. If I was going to thank somebody, I probably would thank President Xi.

BALL: I'm telling you, somebody had to do something.

Snoop Dogg has made it clear he's not a fan of President Donald Trump, as evidenced by their rocky relationship and one of his latest songs, "Make America Crip Again", a clear barb aimed at the Commander-in-Chief.

Ball's son LiAngelo was arrested in China in November 8 for stealing designer sunglasses in Shanghai, along with his two teammates Jalen Hill and Cody Riley. "He's the head, the president in China", Ball said. After Trump, who aided in the athletes' release, felt he wasn't properly thanked by Ball, he tweeted about how he should've left the players in jail.

"Say what you want about Donald Trump - and I do - but he is the president, and far above responding to a publicity hungry troll", Colbert said, barely keeping a straight face.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders discussed the topic Monday, saying President Trump's comment about leaving them in jail was "rhetorical".

"I'm not just saying thank you to anybody for nothing", he said.

"Do you think the three UCLA Basketball Players will say thank you President Trump?" In the National Basketball Association circles, Donald Trump is viewed as a racist, a bigot, and in the famous tweet of LeBron James, a "bum".