Online Black Friday sales top $1.52 billion, less frenzy at USA stores

Wednesday, 29 Nov, 2017

Were consumers as engaged as ever or has Black Friday been diluted in the United Kingdom with most retailers running sales over a 10 day period combined with the economy leaving shoppers with less cash in their pockets? Nearly all online purchases use a card of some sort, and a survey by this year showed that overall around three quarters of purchases involve either a debit or credit card, Interestingly, despite the emergence of digital wallets, that number is still increasing as cash usage dwindles.

So they're getting creative with the deals.

However, despite the rise in online shopping, it seems that the slowdown in physical store sales hasn't been as severe as expected.

A Black Friday sale sign is displayed outside a makeup store.

Personally, I'd recommend leaning into a niche for your store.

Still, Black Friday isn't what it used to be. That has thinned out the crowds. USA retailers collected in a record $7.9 billion in only online sales on Black Friday and Thanksgiving, up 17.9 percent from a year ago, according to Adobe Analytics, which measures transactions at the most significant 100 US web retailers, on Saturday.

It is no secret how important the holiday season is to retailers.

What now follows this shopping tradition is Cyber Monday - another round of timely deals offered online. A customer who shells out at least $500 a year gets free shipping and 25-percent off a day of shopping.

For the rest of the season, 13 days are projected to exceed $2 billion in online sales bringing the total to 18 $2 billion days this holiday season, over double the number from a year ago.

Cyber Monday dates back to 2005 when it was first used as a promotion for

Looking ahead, eight of the 10 anticipated busiest shopping days still remain, including Super Saturday-the last Saturday before Christmas-which will fall on December 23 this year. "Retail success is now reliant on the world's online marketplace and shoppers are increasingly dependent on a reliable broadband connection to take advantage of the latest deals", said Jaime Fink, co-founder and CPO at Mimosa. Yes, smartphone shopping is the big growth trend this year, but it still accounts for a minority of online purchases.

The day has become more about the experience of shopping, rather than the actual discounts, said David Bassuk, co-head of retail consulting at AlixPartners Llp. "Now I can buy things in Wal-Mart-they are cheaper and last longer". "Black Friday isn't just a day anymore - it's a whole season". Here's a look at the aftermath of the holiday shopping spree.

While brick-and-mortar sales may be down, the Mall of America in Minnesota reported that 2,500 people were in line before opening. Shoppers started queuing up as early as 5:45 p.m. on Thanksgiving. Still, plenty of bargain hunters lined up - swarming into Best Buy stores. She said the items that caught shoppers' attention included were voice-activated devices like Amazon Echo, nostalgic toys, clothing and shoes.

"Customers today want to go to a store-the sights, the smells, the sounds", CEO Jeff Gennette said in an interview last Friday. Indeed, some chains struggled to keep up, with brief online outages experienced by Lowe's, H&M and the Gap, among others, according to website performance monitors.