Microsoft Office Apps Finally Available For Chromebooks: Here's How To Use Them

Thursday, 30 Nov, 2017

We give a lot more in-depth advice on buying a Chromebook with a list of the best models to buy, and you can check out Google's site which explains which apps you can use on a Chromebook to replace those you might use on a PC or Mac. You see, support trickled out initially to a limited selection of devices meaning the experience from one Chromebook to the next isn't necessarily the same. The Office apps consistently worked on Google's high-end Pixel laptops, but users of more mainstream Chromebooks weren't often so lucky.

As Chrome Unboxed correctly highlights, this won't mean new functionality for all. Sometimes the apps would then show up on some Chromebooks before disappearing without warning from others.

In what appears to be the final chapter in a rather inexplicable saga, Microsoft's Office suite is now compatible with all Google Chromebooks with access to the Google Play store. The state of the situation has been that the Office Android apps were available on some devices, but not on others.

Chrome Unboxed, upon learning of reports that Chromebooks have been able to run Microsoft Office apps, checked all the Chrome OS devices it owns. This is a remarkable and very surprising move as both the companies Google and Microsoft, offer competing products relating to office productivity software.

The whole Microsoft Office collection of Android apps - for Android devices and Chrome OS devices - can be found over at Google Play. The Samsung Chromebook Pro, for example, has a 12.3-inch display, which puts it in the paid bracket.

Although alternatives like Google Docs have existed for years, compatibility for Microsoft Office documents is a big barrier.

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