Invite Your Destiny 2 Ghost to Your Amazon Alexa-Enabled Device

Friday, 01 Dec, 2017

The Ghost skill, available as a free enable from the Alexa app and website and available to anyone with an Echo device, allows players to keep tabs on what is going on in the game without actually playing. By making the service more business-friendly, it could open up a host of new uses cases and integrations for Alexa.

Alexa is able to open specific content on a specific app, toggle back and forth between episodes, start a movie or TV show over or from the beginning if you'd already played it before, as well as pausing or fast-forwarding in general.

Additionally Alexa for Business integrates with other applications and services that are commonly found in and around business conference rooms, including smart lighting.

Alexa itself is used in Amazon's Echo and Echo Dot gadgets, a home for Alexa to act as a computer assistant that reacts to voice commands.

Amazon didn't immediately respond to a request for more information.

There are also many tasks around the office that can be time-consuming or frustratingly hard to figure out, such as finding and scheduling an open conference room, getting someone to fix a broken piece of office equipment, or locating a co-worker's office.

Invite Your Destiny 2 Ghost to Your Amazon Alexa-Enabled Device
Invite Your Destiny 2 Ghost to Your Amazon Alexa-Enabled Device

As an intelligent assistant at work, Alexa for Business makes starting a conference call as simple as asking Alexa to "start the meeting".

"I will be keenly focused along with my team in working with leading Australian companies and developers in bringing skills to life for Alexa which will delight Australian customers", wrote Burleigh, via social media.

In addition to finalising its website, Amazon reportedly paid $7 million for 2.11 hectares of vacant land in Sydney's south-west, adding to its warehouse in Melbourne's Dandenong South.

IT admins will have the tools needed to set up and manage Alexa devices, create private skills, enroll users and more. Note: This is not an Alexa device, just a wi-fi speaker, and requires an Alexa device to pair with. They'll also be able to build their own apps for the assistant, with Amazon suggesting functions like helping with directions around the office, reporting problems with equipment, and ordering new supplies.

For example, Concur has built out a skill that lets users "ask Concur" when they need to leave for the airport for a business trip, according to the WSJ.