Kentucky Family Aids In Search For Missing North Carolina Toddler

Saturday, 02 Dec, 2017

Officials said more than 225 state and federal personnel are working on the case, adding that they have conducted almost 100 interviews and followed up on more than 140 leads. Once they realized Mariah was missing, Woods and her live-in boyfriend called authorities.

Onslow County Sheriff Hans Miller said investigators have searched for Mariah by foot, air and are using K-9s.

Any of the items flagged int today's search efforts will be turned over to investigative teams for closer looks.

Delores Rios echoed that sentiment. That's your family, that's your family. "As the family is cooperating, we are continuing to stay in contact as we need to".

Authorities called for the search at a news conference Thursday afternoon, asking community members to gather at Dawson Community Church before searching the dense woods surrounding Mariah Woods' home on Dawson Cabin Road. Authorities would not comment on why they were focused on that area. "We want to find Mariah and bring her back".

The FBI announced "items of interest" were sent to a lab in Quantico, Virginia in order to be tested.

Investigators are seeking to speak to every neighbor who lives near the family as well as anyone who may have spoken to the family on Sunday or Monday in order to create a detailed timeline of Mariah's disappearance, said Federal Bureau of Investigation supervisor Stanley Meador. He added that additional items were sent for testing on Friday. "A detailed timeline is crucial in helping us find this little girl".

"We are overwhelmed by the public's support to help us #FindMariah".

He also said that searchers will be in Onslow County for the "long-term".

Kentucky Family Aids In Search For Missing North Carolina Toddler
Kentucky Family Aids In Search For Missing North Carolina Toddler

Mariah Woods hasn't been seen by her family since Sunday, November 26.

"Like hell. Like a nightmare".

"I mean, it's just not making sense to me about where she could be at - who she could be with", she said. "I hope and pray that I can get my daughter and hold her again".

"This is my world, this is my angel", Woods said.

"It's just so overwhelming".

"I have a soft heart when it comes to children", said Diane Braxton, another volunteer helping in the search.

Anyone with information about Mariah is asked to call the Onslow County Sheriff's Office 910-455-3113 or call 911.

"Every second counts when a child is missing, especially after the cold night we just had", said Hans Miller, Onslow County Sheriff.

Miller said that there are no further volunteer searches scheduled at this time.