IOS 11.2 brings three new Live Wallpapers to iPhone X users

Понедельник, 04 Дек, 2017

The issue seems to affect people randomly, with our iPhone X being affected and only a handful of reports across the internet on various sites and Twitter.

The company took the unusual step of releasing a software update on a Saturday when it pushed iOS 11.2. The update was released to iOS users this morning, and includes Apple Pay Cash which allows individuals to send and receive money through Messages or by asking the Siri assistant. The hallmark feature for US users is Apple Pay for iMessage, but that service reportedly won't go live until at least Monday.

The new iOS 11.2 update is there for the eligible devices and the update is rolled out over-the-air in the settings app. With all the new features inside the last update, such as the Notification Center, the unified Lock Screen, customizable Control Panel and a lot more features for iPads. After a month, we have the new iOS 11.2 update which brings some more features to your device.

This is an odd one: Not long after midnight on December 2, some iOS 11-powered iPhones started crashing.

'This is an iOS 11 bug'.

Apparently, there is a bug in iOS 11.1.2 that is causing iPhones to crash if third-party apps use recurring notifications. The new version comes as a savior to the recent 11.1.2 update that caused the phones to malfunction.

After updating, users can go to settings, and click on notification to turn on "allow notifications" for each app. It's a shoddy example of Apple rushing to fix a critical issue and not taking the time to test it properly.

Some iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 users even said after upgrading to iOS 11, battery life obviously decreased. The fact that Apple's artificial assistant couldn't respond to the "Hey Siri" command was a real problem and we can be glad that Apple fixed it.