NY truckers protest electronic logging devices

Wednesday, 06 Dec, 2017

A mandate set to implement an automatic electronic logging device in tractor trailers has truck drivers asking for help.

The drivers at the protest Monday say they feel the ELDs are hindering their day-to-day jobs.

The ELD generates two reports. "I enjoy having it because you can also look at your log in this computer, it tells you how many hours that you can run and how many hours that you cannot run", said Kelly Cornejo, truck driver. Drivers can only work a certain number of hours a day, and the Wrights say the previous method of logging data was flexible with the inevitable traffic delays. "And yet you are telling me that putting an ELD in his truck is going to make him a safer driver", Killeen said.

The ELD will replace paper logs and keep more precise track of their hours. "They can activate your brakes, your throttle". They also have been proven susceptible to hacking by the University of MI researchers, which is concerning to them since the device is hooked into the truck's engines, braking system and instrument panel. Drivers in Georgia were also able to have their concerns heard. "If you know anything about what it takes to move freight, you know if it's a high value or high security load".

So... If you work within the limits of the law then an ELD is not an issue.

Cindy Marshall is an owner-operator who is against the idea. United States House Resolution 3282 is now in committee and aims to put a two year extension on requiring ELDs in trucks.

"You've got a certain percentage of the industry is just gonna, they're gonna quit". "I'm projected to lose about $50,000 next year, if this trend continues".

The reason for the loss is because hours of service and ELDs don't match up, Conaway said. He said they will slow down his delivery times. "I've been running paper logs for 15 years", said Jason King.

Truck driver Eugene Roehm, of Willshire, said the mandate is unfair because it does not apply to everyone.

Hill's chief concern is that there is no government or third-party verification in place for the ELD device self-certification process. They said they can be hacked and manipulated, and there is uncertainty as to which of the ELD brands will ultimately be certified for use. "They must fly blindly into investing in products they are being required to purchase". It's bad for small business.

Hill urged the FMCSA to put the mandate on hold until it can develop clearer guidelines. Monday's local rally was one of 40 rallies from around the country.