Russian Olympic Team Banned From 2018 Games

Wednesday, 06 Dec, 2017

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) on Tuesday made a decision to suspend the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) from the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games, while paving a way for clean Russian athletes to compete without bearing the Russian national flag.

Alexander Zhukov, the Russian Olympic Committee president who also was suspended from his IOC membership, told TV reporters in Lausanne that one key was preserving the name "Russia" in the team name.

The IOC says some competitors will be invited to participate as an "Olympic Athlete from Russia (OAR)" without their national flag or anthem.

The IOC's decision to choose a more moderate path, instead of a blanket ban, does offer some Russian athletes a path to competing in the Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea - although that will be by invitation only and dependent on a stringent testing programme.

BC-OLY-IOC-Russian Doping, 4th Ld-Writethru, 545IOC: Russians can compete at Olympics, but without flagAP Photo FOS114, FOS120, FOS129, FOS113, FOS112Eds: Minor edits. The Olympic Anthem will be played in any ceremony for medals won by these athletes.

The Schmid report found evidence of "the systemic manipulation of the anti-doping rules and system" which back up previous allegations of government involvement in cheating in the run up to and during the Winter Olympics nearly four years ago. This opportunity was not available to the IOC prior to the Olympic Games Rio 2016.

"The IOC took a strong and principled decision".

In suspending Russia's team, Olympic officials left the door open for some n athletes to compete. Some Russian officials have threatened to boycott if the International Olympic Committee delivered such a severe punishment.

It's said that Russia's state-backed doping is only rivaled by how East Germany got down over numerous decades, but the impact here could be intriguing.

"An Olympic boycott has never achieved anything", IOC President Thomas Bach said at a news conference. Individual cases are being looked at by the Disciplinary Commission, chaired by Denis Oswald, a Swiss lawyer and former International Olympic Committee executive board member. The punishment, which will mean that no Russian athletes will not compete under the country's colors, came amid intense pressure to punish the country for its alleged state-sponsored cover-up of doping by its athletes and is unprecedented in Olympic history.

The chairman of that disciplinary panel, Swiss lawyer Denis Oswald, reported about prosecuting Russian athletes implicated in cheating at the 2014 Sochi Games. Russian Federation is stripped of four 2014 titles, and a third of their 33 medals, including the two titles won by their Sochi flag carrier, bobsleigh star Alexander Zubkov.