Instagram Adds New Stories Highlights Section Right to Your Profile

Thursday, 07 Dec, 2017

Instagram today announced two new features which change its popular Stories for the better. You will see a new Stories archive alongside your Posts archive, with the most recent stories placed at the bottom of the grid. When your regular Stories expire after 24 hours, they will be automatically archived.

To view a story, simply tap on it in Archive. It will also be private, an interesting wall put up by the social media company of its own volition, but does serve as a built-in backup service. Just yesterday we brought you a story about how users can now import their Instagram contacts to Messenger. This could make Stories appeal to older demographics whose friends might not be so addicted to Instagram that they open to watch Stories every single day. You can also turn off auto-archiving in your profile settings any time you want.

Instagram Highlights permanently appear on the users' profiles to showcase their favorite Instagram Stories. As the name indicates, the archive would allow the users to save their stories for later viewing even after the twenty-four hours expiry time.

Users can create as many Highlights as they want, and they can be continuously added to. The highlights could be saved for individual story reels which would appear as circles on the user's profile.

Each Stories Highlight can be edited and removed by the user.

And unlike the traditional Instagram Stories format, this particular Story remains on your profile until you remove it.

Instagram will not insert ads within Stories Highlights, and brands will not be able to save an ad to a Story Highlight, according to an Instagram spokesperson. It allows users to show off all of their different personalities and is yet another way to show other people their different interests. Stories Highlight will let you group stories you have shared into highlights and feature them on your profile. Once that's all done, your Highlights will show up as a circle on your profile. The new features will be available in version 25 of Instagram for iOS and Android.