Ronda Rousey's WWE Signing Is Reportedly Imminent

Friday, 08 Dec, 2017

For years now Ronda Rousey has been teasing a possible match inside a WWE ring, and it was recently reported that she's close to signing a deal with the company.

Personally, I think this may be a good move for both sides. She's got enough money and all of that stuff.

Her move is not a surprise to WWE fans.

Maybe that time and place is this March at Wrestlemania in New Orleans? "I don't want it to have to happen".

There's no doubt that Vince McMahon is always interested in adding high-profile athletes to work with the WWE, be it a one-off appearance or something more. She was the talk of the UFC world past year, but lose her mojo when she lost to Holly Holms at UFC 193. She could feasibly become a great pro wrestler in the ring, and based on how genuine she is in interviews, Rousey could easily be a relatable character in WWE as either a heel or babyface. She was unsuccessful in winning back the title against Amanda Nunes one year later, and now UFC President Dana White is even saying he doesn't want to see Ronda back in the octagon.

"Given Asuka switching from the chicken wing Asuka Lock to the armbar, and Rousey as the legit armbar master, and then giving Asuka the shooter push and protecting her so much, that would seem to be a natural match up down the line".

According to USA Today, Rousey and WWE are close to a deal. When he said he wouldn't hit a woman, he would go out to the crowd and get a "friend". She shunned public interviews since losing to Holm with the exception of a couple of Ellen segments. But she is still one of UFC's biggest names and the end of her career may have figured into the mere $200 million UFC was offered for broadcast rights. She was subdued and mostly absent from promotion leading up to the Nunes fight and has largely shunned the spotlight since.

When Rousey came into the UFC she was a trailblazer. Now, the one-time UFC women's bantamweight champion is unlikely to fight again.

Which means she leaves just as she arrived - uniquely.