Glass Wall separates Kulbushan Jadhav & Family in Pakistan

Wednesday, 27 Dec, 2017

Most of the conversation took place in Marathi and Hindi, the sources also said.

The development came hours after Pakistan allowed convicted Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav's mother and wife to meet him in Islamabad, in what the Foreign Ministry said was a "humanitarian gesture".

Shortly after an interaction between jailed Indian national Kulbhushan Jadhav and his mother and wife, Pakistan was at pains to clarify that this was not their "last meeting."+ "This is not the last meeting".

"We promised 30 minutes of the meeting but Jadhav and his mother requested towards the end of meeting that it should be increased and we did it. It would have been consular access had the Indian diplomat spoken to Jadhav", Faizal explained, adding the Indian request for a possible consular access was with Pakistan and "would be taken up at an appropriate time".

Pakistan foreign office, briefing the media, started with a recorded video statement by Jadhav, where he thanked the Pakistani government for allowing him to meet his family on humanitarian grounds.

Pakistan had on December 20 issued visa to Jadhav's wife and mother to visit Islamabad to meet him.

Pakistan Foreign Office spokesperson Mohammed Faisal tweeted images showing Jadhav speaking to his mother Avanti and wife through an intercom with a glass panel separating them.

India asked the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in May to restrict Pakistan from executing Jadhav, arguing he was denied diplomatic assistance during what it called an "unfair trial". "There is a list of 15 names we have given to India asking for details on them". "When it was held under such tight security and close relatives are separated by a glass screen, it has little meaning", she said.

Faisal also made it clear that presence of Indian diplomat was not a Consular Access and that this was not going to be the last meeting between Jadhav and his family. He responded by saying that he was being treated as per Pakistani laws.

The timeline given by Pakistani Foreign Affairs Advisor also details how a confessional statement under 164 Crpc was done on 22 July, 2016, more than four and a half months after he was apprehended on 3 March. "This is a positive gesture from Pakistan's side", and how India is the one not coming clean. "Jadhav, who is a serving naval officer, has confessed to being a R&AW agent", the Pakistan foreign office spokesperson said. If Indian support was important to the whole case, as Pakistani officials claim, how could the court proceed without those key witnesses and specific evidence?