Kanye West Gifts Kim Kardashian Over $200K in Stocks for Christmas

Thursday, 28 Dec, 2017

While stocks might be an untraditional Christmas gift, Kardashian clearly loved her present from West because she captioned the video "best husband alert!"

But the big reveal came in the follow-up clip, where Kardashian revealed that she was also gifted stocks for companies including Adidas, Amazon, Apple, Disney and Netflix.

In an Instagram story-visible to her 105 million followers-shared on Tuesday, the reality TV star and entrepreneur shared how Kanye delivered the stock-ing stuffer. Her Adidas shares would be worth about $100,000 at the current price. But the best part of the holiday season for Kim wasn't her 920 shares in Disney stock - it was finally clearing her skin of the psoriasis symptoms that she's publicly battled for years.

The total market value of the stock certificates totaled about $200K. That's the answer. What you get the woman who has everything and all of the money is. more money. When a confused Kim looked again, she noticed an envelope full of certificates-for stocks in all five major companies represented by the gag gifts.

Being a businesswoman is something Kardashian takes seriously - and wishes others would too. In an interview on The Ellen Show, Kardashian told Ellen, that her 4-year-old daughter calls the unborn child, baby sister. "You can say a lot of things about me, but you cannot say I don't work hard", she said. "I don't act. But I am not lazy". As if she couldn't get any richer?

Unless you've been living under a rock the size of Calabasas, you know that the Kardashian-Jenner-Wests know how to do Christmas.