Wet, cold and cloudy Wednesday expected in New Orleans: Dec. 27 forecast

Thursday, 28 Dec, 2017

That's according to the Northern Indiana office of the National Weather Service, which issued a wind chill advisory for tonight through 11 a.m. Wednesday.

Risky wind chill readings of 10 to 20 below zero are expected tonight through Wednesday morning, the weather service said.

Clarke said residents should brace for the cold blast by ensuring that their homes are properly heated and insulated and that pets are kept from harsh temperatures. A northeast wind will be around 9 miles per hour. "If you have the ability to stay inside, do it".

Up to 1 to 2 inches of snow is possible today, the weather service said. There is a chance of snow showers Thursday night through Saturday.

That's the advice from weather forecasters, who say this year's white Christmas will be followed by an onslaught of bitter cold in New England through New Year's Day and beyond.

The cold temperatures have already canceled a few events in the area. Temperatures will sit well below freezing, with highs in the upper 20s. "At that temperature, frostbite can set in in as little as 30 minutes".

Majors said those with medical conditions or a medical history, who must go outside, should do so with others in the event they fall and can't get up or experience some similar incident.

Moody said most of the calls were for people who needed help getting out of snowy driveways, had dead auto batteries or had locked their keys in the vehicle while warming it up.

"If you've got a weak vehicle battery and things like that you're going to find out this week", he said, "because things will start to give when it's cold that long".

Put on extra layers of clothes, blankets, etc. Combine those two and the apparent temperature will feel closer to 20 to 40 degrees below zero.

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"You lose a surprising amount of heat from your head, so wearing a hat is always advised if you can't wear a mask", he said.

The cold wasn't affecting patients' rooms, Tweten said, and space heaters were provided to staff.