Mark Hamill "regrets" his criticism of latest portrayal of Luke Skywalker

Friday, 29 Dec, 2017

Mark Hamill has paid tribute to Carrie Fisher on the one-year anniversary of her death.

"No one's ever really gone...#AlwaysWithUs #CarrieOnForever", Hamill said alongside a collection of photos of the "Star Wars" stars posing together. The third picture Hamill posted is a drawing of Fisher humorously dressed as a princess, holding her beloved dog Gary while flipping the bird.

Prior to The Last Jedi, Luke Skywalker hadn't spoken since 1983, so it's small wonder why fans (us included!) felt the emotional impact of Hamill's Jedi Master reaching out to his sister Leia.

Carrie Fisher will always be with her Star Wars costar Mark Hamill.

Famous for her role as the iconic Princess Leia in George Lucas' epic sci-fi series, Fisher had stopped breathing following a medical emergency on 23 December, on a flight from London to Los Angeles. Instead, he's trash talked everything from Disney's plotlines to Luke Skywalker himself.

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The Force is still strong with Carrie Fisher faithful, including her onscreen brother. "YES! Wow, good eyes!" he wrote in response to a tweeter who asked, "@rianjohnson we @FanthaTracks want to know if you can confirm this cute little creature is #spacegary in #TheLastJedi".

Since 1977, the renowned movie franchise has travelled through many galaxies. To many fans, and Hamill, it seemed a huge 180 from the Luke that we last left in The Return of the Jedi, whose selfless heroism helped turn Darth Vader to the Light at the last minute. "'Well I think I'm a fairly good kisser". The release of the second installment in the third trilogy saw Leia return for (likely) one last time, though it is uncertain how they will treat her character given how the events of the film played out.