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Friday, 29 Dec, 2017

McGraw didn't comment for the STAT report, but Martin Greenberg, a rep for the show, says Herzog's claims are "absolutely, unequivocally untrue" and that guests were never given drugs or alcohol.

While he holds a doctorate in psychology, he is no longer a licensed psychologist, with his Texas license expiring in 2006.

Todd Herzog - the victor of "Survivor: China" in 2007 who has since battled alcoholism - claims he was supplied with booze and drugs to get him loaded before he appeared on Dr. Phil's show. But Dr. Maureen Boyle, an addiction specialist that STAT/The Boston Globe consulted for their story, says that the show should have provided Kaitlin and her baby with medical care when she landed in Los Angeles, pointing out that the mission to obtain heroin was "incredibly deadly". The former Survivor victor struggled with severe alcoholism. Todd Herzog (one of the greatest winners in the history of Survivor) should not be provided an item he is addicted to in his unattended dressing room, nor a drug he is not prescribed to, nor has ever taken before.

"So I had been drinking and I took a Xanax, which I had never taken before in my life, and I know that can be a deadly combination so why that was given to me I don't know", the 2007 "Survivor" victor shared. That's over three times the legal limit. When he went to the studio for the taping, he found a full bottle of vodka in the green room.

The medical news website STAT, along with a reporter from The Boston Globe, published an in-depth expose on the backstage behavior where addicts were given liquor and drugs before being sent on stage. "I was so scared".

"They told us where to go, Skid Row ..." The employee filmed King-Parrish asking homeless people for drugs.

The staffer shot the entire ordeal and the footage was aired as part of the episode.

If these allegations are true, then #Phil McGraw could be bombarded by a massive amount of past guests coming forward with the same claims in potentially one of the biggest television scandals of all time. His experience, the investigation claims, is indicative of a troubling behind-the-scenes culture at Dr. Phil which is said to value ratings and the show's dramatic storylines over the health and welfare of guests who are struggling with substance abuse.

Greenberg, through a lawyer, clarified in a separate statement issued through a lawyer. Guests dealing with addiction are typically helped with referrals to treatment facilities. "It does not mean that a guest is being monitored 100% of the time".

Herzog, now sober, does credit the show for helping along his recovery.

Another example was when heroin addict Jordan Smith appeared on the show in 2012. Her mother said heroin is "probably going to be Kaitlin's end". Today's article cites a Forbes report that says McGraw is the highest-paid daytime TV personality, backed by earnings of $79 million a year ago.

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