Snapchat are developing a new feature that everyone will want to use

Friday, 29 Dec, 2017

This new product will be called Stories Everywhere and will allow users to post their stories on other apps as well as on the web.

Snapchat is looking to get more viewers on its videos by letting publishers post them outside the app.

The "Stories Everywhere" feature, which Snapchat hope will provide for more user growth, is reportedly being developed with the aim of being released next year. The success of this feature has been undeniable and it seems that other social media platforms have finally made a decision to emulate it. From there, you can work your own Snapchat magic - delete photos you don't want in the story, save the whole thing to your camera roll, and share with select friends, or your whole Snapchat friends list if you prefer.

The report states that the company has hired former senior vice president and global head of video at News Corp Rahul Chopra.

Image snapchat
Image snapchat

Additionally, be sure to have the most updated version of the Snapchat app if you can't seem to find your 2017 memories. It could be as easy as sharing a Snapchat story via a web player, after which the user is prompted to sign up and download the app.

According to the content goals memo sent to Snap employees for 2018, viewed by Cheddar, increasing overall output of content in the Discover Feed, widening content distribution and going aggressive on news are some of the key highlights.

Spiegel noted that in the Q3 of 2017, Snapchat was used on over 60,000 Android smartphone variants. Snap then the company has been busy & distracted in dealing with stagnate user growth and declining revenue. The videos are curated by both the Snap workers and computer algorithms.

Cheddar compared Snapchat's latest initiative to the time when Twitter Inc. rolled out support in 2011 to embed tweets in blog articles.