Apple Loses Legal Battle Against Italian Clothing Company "Steve Jobs"

Saturday, 30 Dec, 2017

As you'd expect, Apple wasn't best pleased with the name of its founder being used by someone else, so the brothers were hit with a lawsuit.

But don't worry - while such phones would appear to contradict everything Steve Jobs stood for, the Barbatos insist their electronics will honor their lofty name. Two brothers in Italy put that to the test and won a legal battle with Apple to name their company Steve Jobs.

As per la Repubblica Napoli, Apple specifically chose to sue the Barbato brothers over the logo they were using to promote the brand which consisted of a stylized "J" with a bite taken out of its side and an Apple-like leaf poking out over its head.

Apple is known for being in court a lot.

Apple did, of course, challenge the branding, sending the brothers four huge folders of legal documents, but the EU's Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market rejected Apple's objection.

In 2012, the story goes, the pair noticed that Apple had never trademarked Jobs' name.

We could end up seeing a Steve Jobs smartphone and tablet, and most likely they would run Android. Their main focus is the stylized letter "J" in the logo that looks like a bite has been taken out if and features an "Apple-esque" leaf. "The letter J seems 'bitten, ' but it is not, since a letter, as judges have also decided, can not be bitten", they said (translated by Google). Reported by Business Insider Italia an Italian company named after Apple's creator Steve Jobs just handed the tech giant one of their most embarrassing L's ever and there is nothing they can do about it. The company manufactures clothing and accessories and has a logo that is very similar to Apple's "bitten apple" logo.

It also isn't just the name but the Steve Jobs logo too that has quite some similarity with that of Apple.