IL among states with "widespread" flu activity

Saturday, 30 Dec, 2017

"I think it is a weather change and people like to stay in house so they are exposed to more infections and more risk".

As many as 36 states across the US have reported widespread influenza activity already, but epidemiologists say it is too soon to say how bad the flu season will be this year.

Across the province 3,833 cases have been confirmed, 867 people admitted to hospital and 19 deaths, according to the latest statistics released December 21. It typically lasts until the middle of March, he said.

However, they encourage anyone with flu symptoms to stay away.

More people are reaching for those cough lozenges, over-the-counter medications and tissues as influenza sweeps through the region, and experts say that might get worse after holiday gatherings. Another, may be the norovirus, commonly known as the stomach flu.

¯ Wash hands often with soap and water especially after blowing one's nose or coughing, using the bathroom, before and after eating, and after being in contact with someone who is ill. In lab specimen tests, H3N2 has been responsible for around nine out of every 10 flu cases studied. The vaccine remains the best way to prevent influenza illness for ourselves, our families, and our patients (subject to availability).

An increase in cases of influenza has led area hospitals to place restrictions on visitors.

The hospitals also encourage good hand hygiene.

"The residents weren't hit super-hard with it", she said. Despite these painful symptoms, most people will recover in less than two weeks. Adults can continue to spread the virus up to seven days, while children can spread it longer.

Officials at the University of Tennessee Medical Center say they're seeing an early increase in influenza reports.

The latest figures show 128 patients hospitalized with a flu-like illness, three deaths so far and those numbers are expected to grow, but the raw numbers don't really tell the whole story.