PUBG hits 3 million concurrent players, breaking its own record

Saturday, 30 Dec, 2017

Following yesterday's PC update, the Xbox One development has now also released a small patch for Microsoft's console to reduce in-game lag. That's frustrating in any game, but in PUBG, it's a problem that can wipe out your entire match progress in an instant.

The PUBG team explains that it was a "combination of causes" that resulted in this lag and issues with character placement readjustment.

Well, luckily for us, Bluehole has been working on removing this issue.

Since PUBG is so successful, we are certain that more developers and publishers will jump on the battle-royale train.

However, a collection of issues were noticed by fans on the PC, leading Bluehole to release a new patch to combat the problems. But what do you think of this news?

This patch brings other welcomed changes, including proper map selection ratios between Erangel and Miramar.

Fixed the issue where the beginning of the Death Cam and replay was missing. Hackers and cheaters have continued to flow into the game, which now has over 30 million players since releasing into early access in March. Another important note is the fact that weapon recoil has been reduced across the board, a change that only applies to the Xbox One version of the game. The developer also said that a multitude of issues were to blame for the in-game lag to become worse or happen more frequently in the past few weeks, which is why it was not able fix things more quickly.