Tips for riders taking Uber on New Year's Eve

Sunday, 31 Dec, 2017

But perhaps there are sometimes that are better than others to order up that auto service to get where you're going. Coupons will be available for pickup on New Year's Eve in Old Town from the Portland Police Bureau and Old Town Hospitality Group.

To order dial-a-bus before 5:45 p.m. on New Year's, visit for a list of numbers. He or she may ask you to make other arrangements.

"Don't call and hope for a cab in two minutes". Every additional 1/9 of a mile after that is 25 cents. Gresham added that the costs of a ride are small compared to the dangers of driving under the influence.

UBER, Lyft, and local taxis will also be out and about.

"To go from one end of Wheeling to another, you're looking at about $10 and someone who is going a short distance can't afford to pay the minimum fee with Uber", said Giles.

So how do you avoid these high fares?

(Picture: is Uber's surge pricing worked out? When Prime Time is in effect, passengers are alerted and required to confirm they accept the multiplier before requesting a ride. "We're not like Uber", he said.

The number to call to arrange a ride is 815-544-2135.

Tips for riders taking Uber on New Year's Eve
Tips for riders taking Uber on New Year's Eve

Lisa Koppenhaver of Wilkes-Barre said, "I use Uber".

According to Longview Transit Director of Operations Tequita Mumphrey, "Longview Transit has been providing Safe-Ride-Home transportation on New Year's Eve for nine years now, and it continues to be a great service for the community". The busiest times are expected to be around 9 p.m. and 1 a.m. The streets will also be open to vehicle traffic this year, unlike past years.

He is just one of the many who plan to be on the road Sunday night into Monday.

Fees for ride-hailing service Uber are set to skyrocket from regular pricing amid heavy demand on New Year's Eve.

"Walk to the corners and text your driver". Designated Drivers of Buffalo is offering free rides again this year.

Apparently the maximum surge price is 50x, but users report up to around 2.5x. The result is wasted time and money lost for the taxi driver. "Drivers are going to take pictures of it. Uber assesses those charges, not the driver".

Don't puke in the ride.