Why Apple's acquisition of Buddybuild is bad news for Android developers

Friday, 05 Jan, 2018

Apple acquires app development startup Buddybuild.

The acquisition was announced by buddybuild, with the company having stated that they are now part of Apple. Until now, Buddybuild has offered its services to iOS and Android customers.

Moving forward, the Canadian outfit will work with the Xcode engineering group at Apple to build developer tools for the entire iOS community.

Apple has acquired the iOS continuous integration and deployment provider Buddybuild. Unsurprisingly, the startup added that will discontinue existing plans and Android app development on 1 March this year. Furthermore, it is expected to make developing and iterating apps for iOS platforms much easier. In 2014, Apple purchased the third-party service, TestFlight, which helps developers in testing and collecting the feedback for the iOS apps. In essence, Buddybuild's tools enable developers to build apps through GitHub, BitBucket and GitLab. But those tools will soon be limited to only Apple developers as the company plans to shut down its Android support in the coming weeks. Last year, Apple said December 2016 was the App Store's biggest month ever, bringing in $3 billion in revenue; this year, it doesn't seem to have broken out the monthly data for December (though we've asked for it).

App Store sales growth may serve as an indicator of iPhone demand, since new owners are more inclined to spend money in the marketplace in the days after they get a new handset. This is according to App Annie report, which claims that Apple garnered revenue of approximately $11 billion in the third quarter of a year ago while Android managed to clock only $6 billion in the same period.

Apple has paid developers over $86 billion since 2008.

The company is made up of former employees of Amazon and has been running since 2015. During its three years of existence, it raised around $8.8 million. Many high-profile clients are using Buddybuildm including Mozilla and The New York Times.