Wind, Whiteout Conditions Ground Flights At JFK Airport

Friday, 05 Jan, 2018

Parts of Queens County received more than 13 inches of snow and sustained winds of more than 40 miles per hour Thursday, according to the National Weather Service. That later jumped to 90 percent.

There were no reports of passengers being stranded in terminals because of cancellations but many were staring at airline schedule monitors wondering if they would be spending another night in South Florida.

Fliers are urged to check with their carriers before heading to the PA's airports tomorrow.

At 5 a.m., the Delta Airlines counter was bustling.

Angel Cordero was hoping to get to NY. "So I know our airport operations team was in contact with both the pilot and then the station manager in JFK and talking to them about options and working to accommodate them".

One woman was not only concerned for her flight, but for her husband who had to drive home. "Just gotta go with the flow and stay positive", she said. "We had to drive from New Haven".

"I want to emphasize to everyone these are a very, very risky conditions".

Bradley was very busy on Wednesday with people trying to get out before Brody arrived. That was as of 11:30 a.m. ET-and the number is climbing steadily. "I'm concerned when I get to Baltimore [my plans] will change".

Airport officials say if your flight has been canceled, be sure to check with the airline or your travel agent for the next flight.

KUSI's Ed Lenderman was at the San Diego International Airport all morning on Good Morning San Diego.