Apple Apologizes for iPhone Battery Issue, Drops Replacement Prices to $29

Sunday, 07 Jan, 2018

While Apple hasn't commented on the cost of a battery replacement, and with the program being underway, the customers are allowed to request the repairs at the discounted price in any Apple Store. Apple has apologized for the lack of transparency regarding the iPhone battery issue, and has drastically reduced the cost of battery replacement, but they've definitely lost the trust of a lot of their customers.

To get your battery replaced, visit the Contact Apple Support page, click See Your Products, and sign in with your Apple ID.

The iPhone battery, starting with the iPhone 6, uses a lithium-ion technology.

Apple will be significantly affected by its decision to offer $29 battery replacements to address the iPhone battery controversy, as the company stands to lose iPhone sales worth over $10 billion. Apple shaved $50 (from about Rs. 6,500 inclusive taxes in India) off its standard battery fee in an extraordinary - but limited-time - effort to get back in our good graces.

But Frank Mendonca, 60, of Dearborn walked out of the store after learning he'd have to wait 45 minutes to find out whether he needed a battery - and then if he did, another two hours to have it replaced.

On Friday, hundreds of customers packed the Apple store at the Somerset Collection in Troy, Mich., many seeking to get their phones checked and to get a battery replacement.

Apple will continue to improve how iOS manages performance to reduce the likelihood of unexpected shutdowns as batteries age.

Rarely is tech advice this cut-and-dry: If you bought an iPhone in 2016 or earlier, make an appointment at a Genius Bar (or Apple support centre) as soon as possible. Your local shop might have more supply, but battling hordes for fix (rather than a sexy new phone) is an unusual experience at an Apple store.

Through December 2018, Apple is reducing the price of out-of-warranty battery replacements.

"We've been hearing feedback from our customers about the way we handle performance for iPhones with older batteries and how we have communicated that process", said Apple in a statement. He concedes that replacing an iPhone's battery might be a bit trickier because of unique parts like the black pouch and tape, but that's still no reason for the number to be so high. One of our favorites is Battery Life.

There are a few ways that can tell you how your iPhone battery is performing so that you can go for that battery replacement to prevent the slowdown of your device. Only time will tell if Apple's attempt of lowering replacement battery costs will be enough to satisfy the courts and future juries, but one thing is for sure, it won't work in South Korea in any way shape or form.

How do you know if you'd benefit from a new battery?

When Should I Get a New iPhone Battery?

Here's what I'd suggest: if you've got anything older than an iPhone 7, get the $29 battery change next time you're anywhere near an Apple Store.