Bigg Boss 11: Luv Tyagi eliminated; show gets its top 5 contestants

Monday, 08 Jan, 2018

Now, if latest reports are to be believed, Bigg Boss 11 ex-contestant Bandgi Kalra has bagged a good Bollywood project alongside an A-lister.

And now post his elimination from Bigg Boss 11, Luv Tyagi has stated he had tolerated the diva's attitude in the house after which he reached his saturation point. But unfortunately for him, he had to bid farewell to the show just before the grand finale. She raised eyebrows because of her increasing proximity with Puneesh Sharma. The second round was a physical one, which was also won by Puneesh. One contestant will be evicted in tonight's episode. But the total amount of goodies stolen from the lot would be deducted from the final prize money of the show. While Puneesh gets 55% votes, Hina gets 79% votes. Contestants slowly arrived at the realisation that they need to leave their friendships behind and play their own individual games. Vikas tells Hina that she is aloof, does not get involved with the other contestants and that they have to approach her all the time. Forming an alliance with Puneesh Sharma, the two commoners join forces and intellect to create the flawless strategy to win this game. Only two weeks left for its finale.

Later, Akash asks Luv about Shilpa's fans.

Later, Bigg Boss announced that the ranking was their nomination task and from position third to sixth, the contestants were nominated for evictions. Now it has been learnt that one fan of former contestant Arshi Khan tried to attack Shilpa Shinde with a water bottle there but she somehow escaped it. Luv who often found himself nominated and in the danger zone had an huge following in the outside world with fans saving him weeks after weeks.

Salman Khan then asks the contestants to count their votes from the ballot box, while Puneesh helps them!

Also, the actors join Salman Khan and Rakul Preet (Aiyaary lead actress) on stage.

After appealing for votes, contestants get out of the mall due to security goal. The show's ratings are high all thanks to its contestants as they sparked controversies with their words and actions. On Friday night's episode of Bigg Boss 11, the organisers have taken the contestants out of the Bigg Boss' house to a mall where their fans voted live.