"Nvidia's partnering with ACER, ASUS and HP for 65" BFGDs

Tuesday, 09 Jan, 2018

It's called the Predator Big Format Gaming Display, or Predator BFG for short, and it's 65 inches.

Hilariously named the Nvidia BFGD, this Big Format Gaming Display clearly derives its name from the classic DOOM weapon, noting its ability to act as both your main TV and your PC monitor. Which makes for an unbelievable gaming experience.

Nvidia has created this display technology in partnership with its hardware partners - Acer, ASUS, and HP. BFGDs are basically displays made by several manufacturers, which feature G-Sync HDR and Nvidia Shield built in. This adds ability of numerous apps, Google Assistant with its smart home control and many more.

The integrated NVIDIA Shield means that when you aren't gaming you are able to use the Shield technology to stream TV and watch movies. In other words, you can enjoy games in the living room that are actually running on your bedroom-based high-end PC upstairs. We're excited. Expect more news as it drops, with the first batch of BFGDs expected to launch sometime mid-2018.

Asus has been the first company out of the blocks, previewing its ROG Swift PG65 at CES.

According to NVIDIA, the 4K display meets the DCI-P3 color gamut and has a full-array direct backlighting solution capable of outputting 1000 nits of brightness. This G-SYNC Variable Refresh Rate technology delivers a highly responsive, smooth, tear-free, immersive gaming experience unmatched by any display of this size. That same tight communication between monitor and graphics card is reported to result in ultra low latency too. BFGDs are available for hands-on demos at CES at the NVIDIA gaming suite and will be available this summer for purchase. As there's nothing really novel inside this gaming monitor I doubt we'll be waiting long before it appears for sale.