Volkswagen ID Buzz will use Nvidia's AI technology

Tuesday, 09 Jan, 2018

The main highlight was the introduction of two new software platforms created to help automakers provide a richer user experience inside self-driving cars.

Nvidia will partner with Uber Technologies and Volkswagen after its artificial intelligence platforms continue to gain momentum in the automotive industry.

The company, which already has partnerships in the industy with companies such as carmaker Tesla and China's Baidu, makes computer graphics chips and has also been expanding into technology for self-driving cars.

Electric versions of the iconic Volkswagen van were originally announced in 2015, while the non-electric originals ceased production in 2003.

At the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess and NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang discussed those innovations on stage.

"Autonomous driving, zero tailpipe emission mobility and digital networking are virtually impossible without advances in AI and deep learning", he says. "Working with NVIDIA, the leader in AI technology, enables us to take a big step into the future".

Charlie Nash is a reporter for Breitbart Tech. Its system is able to deliver 30 trillion operations per second.

According to Huang, Uber's fleet of Volvo SC90 SUVs are using the company's GPU computing technology.

Uber plans to use Nvidia's chips for its artificial intelligence system in a fleet of self-driving vehicles.

Nvidia said development of the Uber self-driving programme had picked up the pace with one million autonomous miles being covered in just the past 100 days.

Nvidia believes that its technology has a role to play in reducing accidents as well as increasing capacity on the road by cutting down the necessity of multiple auto ownership and enabling road transportation to become a lot more efficient. For instance, with facial recognition and gaze tracking, the system can alert a sleepy driver before they nod off behind the wheel, or recognize their face with they approach the vehicle with a cart full of groceries and automatically open the lift gate. Nvidia said it will team up with Silicon Valley startup Aurora to build a new self-driving hardware platform using the Xavier processor.