Japan Additionally Sends Out, Then Retracts, A False Missile Warning

Wednesday, 17 Jan, 2018

Hawaii's governor and Emergency Management Agency have expressed regret about the false alarm, and said it would not happen again.

An NHK spokesperson told Reuters that the broadcaster is "still checking" on the cause.

According to a timeline released by the state, the alert was triggered at 8:07 a.m. local time when, during an internal drill, an employee hit the wrong button.

The warning went out to television and radio as well as cell phones, Ige added. Most of the population was not formally notified of the false alarm until 38 minutes after the alert went out. "He's not doing this on goal - it was a mistake on his part and he feels awful about it", said EMA Administrator Vern Miyagi in a press conference Saturday afternoon.

According to a press pool report, Trump was at a golf course while the Hawaii scare was unfolding and returned to his nearby private club, Mar-a-Lago, just as residents were informed that the alarm was false. "And those responsible for this happening need to be held accountable in making sure this can not happen again", Gabbard said on CNN's "State of the Union". "Earlier message was sent in error". Distraught residents and visitors did their best to find safety and send tearful final messages to loved ones before the alert was retracted.

The official did not provide timings of the briefings. "He's also looking at any personnel action that needs to take place". The whole state was terrified.

Hawaii Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono echoed that point in her own tweet. Yes, we need to negotiate with the North Koreans. These days, he said, education is absent about a threat he said has grown with the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

These state investigations are in addition to a probe being conducted by the Federal Communications Commission, which issued a blistering rebuke Sunday to HI-EMA and said that it had commenced with an investigation.

Correct drill incorrect drill, and the new “False Alarm” option

How does the military track missile launches?

Real-world missile launches are detected immediately by satellites that discern the infrared signature right off the launching pad.

"I think we're always looking at lessons learned no matter what the event is" she said.

Depending on the situation, United Kingdom authorities generally suggest moving away from the immediate source of danger and following the instructions of the emergency services, who may ask residents to remove outer clothing, or undergo some form of decontamination such as showering.

There is no reason to doubt that both incidents could have resulted from grossly irresponsible human error.

What will state officials do now? The green box (DRILL - PACOM (CDW) - STATE ONLY) is the option that should have been used to test the system without causing a statewide panic.

Mr Will Saetren, a research associate at the Institute for China-America Studies in Washington, told The Straits Times: "Taken alone, this (false alarm in Hawaii) wasn't that big a deal". He said after the alert Saturday, residence life officials reached out to students to offer help. The most powerful weapon in the modern US arsenal is about 455 kilotons, exponentially raising the stakes.