Trump National Security Policy Puts US Against Russia, China

Thursday, 18 Jan, 2018

USA major media gave secondary play to President Donald Trump's national security strategy address Monday, but certain world leaders were all ears.

Dmitry Peskov, President Vladimir Putin's spokesman, responded with the long-practiced Kremlin argument that the world would be a safer place if there were several powerful countries that could keep one another in check.

The spokesman has stated that Russian Federation couldn't agree with the U.S. stance, claiming that the country poses a threat to United States security, but has pointed out the positive aspects of the document, such as the readiness for cooperation with Russian Federation in areas of interest for the usa side.

President Donald Trump says a new era of competition is underway and that the US will follow his 2016 campaign doctrine of "America First".

"Trump's speech was basically created to let his supporters hear what they wanted to hear", he said. Trump's strategy paper did not include specific accusations from USA security agencies that Moscow meddled in the 2016 US election. While it focuses on threats related to cyberspace and space, the strategic plan dumps climate change as a national security challenge, in a departure from the past and from the posture of its allies.

In his June speech, the US President said he had been elected to represent "the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris".

"The national security strategy and the US South Asia strategy are the cornerstones upon which our shared efforts to defeat terrorism and bring stability to Afghanistan are built". There is as much petty partisan bickering over foreign policy as over domestic policy.

It accuses China of seeking "to displace the United States" in Asia, listing a litany of U.S. grievances, from deficits, to data theft to spreading "features of its authoritarian system".

Moscow "cannot accept that the country is treated as a threat to the security of the United States", Peskov told reporters.

"Our leaders engaged in nation-building overseas, while they failed to build up and replenish our nation at home", Trump told federal employees at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington.

"He is right about the philosophical point but all his practical policies undercut it", Burns said.

It also accuses China of stealing US intellectual property worth hundreds of billions of dollars and says Russian Federation uses "subversion" to undermine USA credibility with its allies.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying speaks at a press briefing in Beijing on December 19, 2017.

"We urge the United States to stop deliberately distorting China's strategic intentions and abandon a Cold War mentality", Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Hua Chunying said.

Trump's doctrine holds that nation states are in perpetual competition and that the US must fight on all fronts to protect and defend its sovereignty from friend and foe alike.