Nintendo share price gets billion dollar boost from Labo toy launch

Friday, 19 Jan, 2018

If you have a Nintendo Switch in your house, listen up: Nintendo just announced that it is releasing a new add-on for the console that's unlike anything we've seen before.

As described in a press release from company headquarters, the latest and greatest addition to the Switch is Nintendo Labo kits that allow players to create robots, motorbikes, cars, and pianos that can then be incorporated into game play. As you can see in the photo above, courtesy of Nintendo, you are suited up with a robot pack with straps around your feet that seem to dictate the movement in a robot game. Anyone picking up a Nintendo Switch for Christmas may be swayed by the swell of Labo playsets too, helping Nintendo to make bank from its new cardboard-based initiative. Will Labo be the kind of hit that drives Nintendo stock to even greater heights? Nintendo says the kits come in two DIY (Do it yourself) classes a Variety Kit ($70) and a Robot Kit ($80). Also, these Nintendo Switch accessories don't need to take up space in your home or end-up in a landfill. The Nintendo Labo Variety Kit will set you back $69.99 if that's what you're after.

Nintendo Labo is slated to become available on April 27, with more kits expected to debut in the months that follow if everything proves successful.

Looks cool, right? The real-world Do It Yourself (DIY) element brings a level of creativity to video games that is innovative in a retro way.

Nintendo Labo are kits that provide tools and technology to make do-it-yourself creations and then play games with those creations.

For example, one toy is a 13-key cardboard piano that the console and controllers slot into. In another instance, the player docks their Switch faces the TV screen and uses the Robot Kit to punch enemies or constructions. As they punched out pieces of the kit, Aiden commented that this looked like some puzzle and when they started to assemble it, he said that it was like the Gunpla that adorns my office.

The designs are absolutely novel and unique, and who knows if Nintendo plans on unveiling more sets apart from the two initially introduced?